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A KFC day is a set day of the week where you and 2/3 other mates go and stuff yourself with a family bucket for 5 people, you "3 man" the bucket and feel sick afterwards, to make it a ture KFC day you must order: One Boneless bucket with 8 pieces of chicken 4 chips and a drink and two tubes of gravy
"Oh dude its friday"
"fucking dam right its KFC day blues borther"
"lets go get some soul food"
by Zaky November 24, 2006
Karl-ness is Karls own uniqe smell or scent not only resitricted to people with the name Karl. To describe your own scent you simply add ness to the end of your name eg. chris-ness, zak-ness. Everyone has a "ness" some good some bad and some peoples ness smells like shit!
I just caught a strong blast of karls karl-ness
by Zaky December 11, 2006
A Errectile Malfunction is where you get a errection that you cannot supress and is visable through your trousers
Most common causes of Errectile Malfunction (for chris jacklin):
2.College tutors
3.CD/DVD drives
4.Physical abuse
"I had Errectile Malfunction on the bus to college this morining i thaught it was gunna fall off!"
by Zaky November 27, 2006
Errectile Abuse is any form of attack to a mans crocth or if a man catches or bangs his balls on something, too much Errectile Abuse can cause Errectile Disfunction
"Argh im reciving too much Errectile Abuse this week"
by Zaky November 27, 2006
A Epson Foot is where you have a retarded foot thats twisted or bent and causes you to walk with a limp or stagger.
epson foot is also known as a battered foot but they both mean the same thing.
"hey looks that guys got an epson foot"
"Yeah hes walking like a retard or a spider"
by zaky January 15, 2007
A Over Sexed woman often liked and made over sexed by Cowboys
"Shes got huge Sallon Doors"
"YEEEEHHHAAA i know there great"
"......john wanye thats the sickest thing ever"
by Zaky November 27, 2006
Having Guts is arriving late home after a night out with the guys, being assaulted by your wife/girl friend with a broom, and having the guts to say "Are you still cleaning or are you flying off somewhere?"
"Where the hell have you been ive been waiting all night for you"
*Swings broom*
"eh boy your in big trouble"
*Swings broom again*
MALE REPLYS "Are you still cleaning dear or are you flying off somewhere?"
by Zaky December 13, 2006

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