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-One who likes to butt in on others
-an "extra," like in a film but this word isn't necessarily used for that situation
-derived from the Filipino term "papel" or "pumapel" which means one who likes to always be in the scene or be given attention in things that don't concern them.
Bakit ka ba umeepal sa barkada namin?! Ang epal mo talaga! (Why are you going with our gang?! You don't even belong here! You're such an epal!)
Ang epal talaga ni Christina, wala naman siyang kinalaman dun sa show eh. (Christina is such an epal, she doesn't have anything to do with the show).
by kei_blue October 15, 2003
Insult to someone, whose introducing a nasty intro.
WAAAAAAAAA.... epal......
by Lara Croft January 15, 2005
A person with whom one becomes acquainted only through a friendly, regular electronic correspondence, including email and instant messengers, but not including postal mail, as such a person would be a pen pal.
My e-pal Erica lives in Chicago. Although we've never met, we chat on instant messenger several times a week.
by Argoscaptain May 13, 2005
(Adjective)A person who goes into a situation wherein his presence is not needed or in a place he does not belong. This person may be annoying or not in that instance.
Boy 1:"Anong ginagawa niyang gagong yan diyan?"
Boy 2:"Wala. Epal na naman."

Boy 1:"What's the hell is that fool doin' there?"
Boy 2:"Nothing. Epal again."
by The Nur November 20, 2003
Hardly anyone writes letters these days so instead of a pen pal we now have E-mail pals.
Sally: It really sucks that you're moving to Europe, i'll miss you so much. Will you write me?

Frank: Write you! No way but we can be e-pals.

by Red Dog February 09, 2006
adj. a very annoying person; a person who always love to buts in other people's conversation; attention grabber
Excuse me, but we are like talking here and i dont remember you being on our conversation so please stop being an EPAL.
by nadz826 March 11, 2008
papasin, trying to get some attention
hey dont be so epal

hoy wag kang epal
by ngeps October 15, 2003
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