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1. Derived from the combined words daing (salted fish), tuyo (a type of dried fish) and itlog (egg). Dyolog then became Jolog, a term for someone who is tacky, but implied in a more negative tone and often referred to people who belong to the lower class of society.
2. "Baduy", "skwating", tacky
3. Someone who likes Jolina Magdangal (a tacky, teeny-bopper wannabe)
4. Jolina Organization
5. Someone from the lower class of society who tries to be cool but ends up a failure and in turn becomes a "jolog"
6. Anything or anyone associated with things that are "pang-masa" (for the masses)
-Those people at SM are so jolog! They're probably from the squatter's area.
-Yuck! What is she wearing? Those chokers are soooo jolog.
-Omigod! She's like a fan of Jolina? That's so jolog!
-What a trying hard wannabe. Freaking jolog.
-ABS-CBN is soooo jolog. And Judy Anne Santos is just about the queen of jologs. Well... second to Jolina anyway.
by kei_blue September 23, 2003
-One who likes to butt in on others
-an "extra," like in a film but this word isn't necessarily used for that situation
-derived from the Filipino term "papel" or "pumapel" which means one who likes to always be in the scene or be given attention in things that don't concern them.
Bakit ka ba umeepal sa barkada namin?! Ang epal mo talaga! (Why are you going with our gang?! You don't even belong here! You're such an epal!)
Ang epal talaga ni Christina, wala naman siyang kinalaman dun sa show eh. (Christina is such an epal, she doesn't have anything to do with the show).
by kei_blue October 15, 2003
The Filipino way of saying "Hey!" but can be expressed sometimes in objection, if you're going to call someone's attention (negatively or positively).
Hoy! Andito ako! (Hey! I'm over here!)
Hoy, gaga ka! Sino may sabi sayong nadapa ako sa kanto?! (Hey, you idiot! Who told you I tripped at the corner?!)
by kei_blue October 05, 2003
-Filipino slang, meaning to defecate (from the word 'evacuate')
Na-eebak na ko! (I want to shit already!)
by kei_blue September 23, 2003
-derived from the term "hiya" which means 'shy' or the state of being shy. "Hiya" is transformed into "yahi" and a "d" was added.
-can also be "jyahe"
Shet! Dyahe! Na-utot ako sa harap ni Jorge kanina! (Shit! How embarrasing! I farted in front of Jorge a while ago!)
Uy, dyahe naman ang epal ko sa inyo. (Hey, how embarrasing I feel like I'm intruding you guys"
by kei_blue October 15, 2003
1: Another version of the word "you" in Japanese (which includes anata, omae, kimi, and so on) this word when used by someone, connotes that that person would like to stress the boundaries between your relationship. You are only to be acquaintances and not friends.
2: A new slang term, rooting from the first definition, referring to fanatical or obsessed people, usually known to be withdrawn in many cases.
by kei_blue June 22, 2003
Spanish word for "vagina" often referring to Filipinos of Spanish blood, most especially those who study in La Salle or Ateneo or Poveda, who talk in a braggy type of English.
Konyo people usually hang around Makati.
by kei_blue October 05, 2003

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