Someone who believes trees have more rights than people. Also believes we should save the rainforest because it has pretty colorful plants and animals that no one gives a shit about.
Environmentalist to homeless person: Get out of the way human scum, you're ruining the precious environment!
Me: Fuck you, you fucking faggot. Fuck the rainforest and fuck you too, bitch.

Environmentalist: Save the rainforest!
Me: No. Fuck you. We don't even need the god damn rainforest. Most of our oxygen comes from microorgansims living in the open-sea, trees contribute very little in fact. For every cure the rainforest provides, there are five more diseases you can get. Eat my shit, asshole.
by SatanChrist May 21, 2005
One who does not think people have enough restrictions on them already.
An individual who lives in the Eastern US, who thinks he is helping to stop the evil developers from paving over our national parks, but is actually supporting restricting access to vast portions of the West to a few hardy individualls willing to hike in 20 miles with a backpack.
I used to love going there on vacation, but because of the environmentalists, I can't get there anymore!
by Dasnasdi August 29, 2003
A person who creates fictitious animals and plants and gets them put on the endangered species list. Then she works to stop all development of private property by claiming the endangered species lives nearby.
The environmentalist does this to cost taxpayers millions of dollars defending lawsuits, in hopes that the taxpayers will eventually become environmentalists too.

The environmentalist typically lives in a fine house made of wood, furnished with beautiful wooden furniture. Then the environmentalist fights to prevent others from building such houses in his neighborhood, and fights to ban all tree cutting.

The goals of the environmentalist may be noble and good. But their methods are reprehensible and mean-spirited.

Environmentalists revile hunters, fishermen, and four-wheel drivers, all of whom want to preserve the environment for public use.
In Colorado, environmentalists made up the "Preble's Jumping Mouse" and forced taxpayers to waste tens of millions of dollars defending lawsuits in courts. In early 2005, they finally confessed that there is no such creature as a Preble's Jumping Mouse. But now they argue that, since such a mouse COULD exist, we should not build in the habitat they COULD live in. This will force taxpayers to spend yet more millions in court.
by The Wog Whomper May 11, 2005
Although their ideals make some sense, these peole just can't accept that extinction, global climate changes, and pollution happen all the time, (even though we are just hurrying that along). They were quite active during the 1990s, when they used the Millenium Doomsday prophecies in a futile attempt to get people to reduce pollution and save the environment (anyone remember Captain Planet?).
All of the environmentalis's efforts to save the seals were to waste when a small earthquake caused a massive landslide off some tiny island, which sent a massive tsunami that wiped out the seal's breeding grounds.
by AYB May 27, 2003
Hippies who make love to trees in an attempt to stop the expansion of Stansted Airport. They try to stop it from becoming the biggest airport in the world, what we really need. They should be gassed.
"So you're an environmentalist huh? That's a big title for a small shit like you."
by Soiled Undergarment August 18, 2003
these idiots are also part of the blame for the increases in prices of everything
since the environmentalist democrats subsidized corn for ethanol fuel (which takes much more energy than oil), farmers now grow corn to sell as fuel instead of food and also won't grow other crops. the environmentalists also won't let us drill in alaska when it's rich in oil.

fuck environmentalists.
by david smith, jr. April 29, 2008
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