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Stupid liberals who have nothing better to do than panic about the Earth and waste money "saving the planet." They call anyone against their cause hypocrites and they makes up problems that don't even exist, like global warming. They enjoy worrying about thing like carbon dioxide, and they try to stop it at all costs, even if it means slowing down the economy and spending billions of dollars. They are usually mentally unstable, and are either corrupt politicians and scientists, or celebrities.
Al Gore is a fucking environmentalist. He wants to gain power once again after losing the election in 2000. Global warming doesn't even exist, and he says we should waste our time fixing it.
by Anti-Environmentalist March 20, 2008
A person who opposes the use of natural resources for the betterment of mankind. Has radical views on natural resources such as trees, oil, coal, mining, livestock production, and global climate, which are usually unrealistic. Many will attempt to force their beliefs onto others. Environmental activists are often neo-Marxists and socialists in hiding, Jane Fonda being a perfect example of this.
Environmentalist: Global warming is happening NOW, and humans are to blame!

Oh no! Well, I have some tires that need burning, so if you will excuse me....
by chicken7377 February 26, 2008
a euphemism for "pussy"
1. Yeah, her boyfriend's a big environmentalist.

2. Gee, I sure hate those environmentalists trying to stop wars.
by thelastgreat April 01, 2009
A person against progress in the first world. Environmentalists generally are jealous people who couldn't care less about the planet, but just want to take down large businesses. These people like rioting, protesting, and all round anarchy. This is because they have nothing better to do with there lives.
Tom: I'm going to protest with greenpeace for the protection of the invisible 1mm fish off the coast of china
Dick: Yeah, can't wait to bring Microsoft down; I am an environmentalist who hates any form of progress!
by Patchen June 03, 2007
Environmentalist are heartless opinionated bastards that don't give a crap about any one else but themselves, according to whom cycling is preventing hikers from "enjoying quiet solitude and serenity".
Environmentalist 1: "Lets go make a scene for no reason"
Environmentalist 2: "Sure what you wanna do?"
Environmentalist 1: "Why not file a law suit to screw over bikers making 168 miles of Montana's trail into 60 miles just for the hell of it?"
Environmentalist 2: "Sounds like a good time..."
by ChilledFantom August 14, 2010
"Environmentalist" - short definition.

A counter-culture or a sub-culture, a person, well-meaning, and varied in degrees of dedication towards the theorized problems on Earth and the environment.

What most environmentalists have in common is a communal, casual concern through an individual to almost religious zeal, roughly based upon the 1960's industrial and cultural backlash. Such persons can be as moderate as a person who occasionally donates to an environmentalist fund and generally agrees with such notions, to extremists such as Greenpeace and the Earth Liberation Front, which have a history of interference and even endagerment of it's opponents. Many environmentalists are classified as being "liberal" or "democrat," in the United States, with a few fringe groups on the contrary to that generalization.

Such popular ideals of current environmentalism is endangered animal recognition, global warming, deforestation and ozone layer depletion. There is a small U.S. political party dedicated to generalized environmentalist organization, the "Green Party," known as "Greens" and "Greenies," headed by Ralph Nader. While the party is growing in strength, it's standpoint has much more been attributed towards "swinging" the vote either for or against the other two major American political parties, Republicans (conservative) and Democrats (liberal), et al.

Worldwide, they currently have to battle politics, science, and opinion based upon cabinets and legislation, and private-sector funding which battles both sides of any given issue. Their biggest enemies are industry and economics from mining, fishing, ranching, farming, and oil production, right-wing politics and the so-called "science community." The lack of solid scientific proof on either side of any of their issues has perhaps not given overall credibility towards their plight, which largely makes people "environmentalist" in term only, or less likely to take up such a position. This has perhaps weakened their numbers, along with a generally non-results oriented way of politicking, where proof of their success is hard to determine.

Their success is largely in such groups as the World Wildlife Fund, which is one of the largest wild animal protective agencies, creation of the government's Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA), and recently, Earth Share, a centralized organization which places emphasis on organizing major environmental causes and groups.

Regardless the opinion of environmentalists, or their naysayers, their future will largely be based upon political trend, societal awareness, science favor, and long-term earthly consequences. Any factor could enhance or eliminate such belief and belonging to this group.
by Kyle Weiss January 30, 2006
A person who creates fictitious animals and plants and gets them put on the endangered species list. Then she works to stop all development of private property by claiming the endangered species lives nearby.
The environmentalist does this to cost taxpayers millions of dollars defending lawsuits, in hopes that the taxpayers will eventually become environmentalists too.

The environmentalist typically lives in a fine house made of wood, furnished with beautiful wooden furniture. Then the environmentalist fights to prevent others from building such houses in his neighborhood, and fights to ban all tree cutting.

The goals of the environmentalist may be noble and good. But their methods are reprehensible and mean-spirited.

Environmentalists revile hunters, fishermen, and four-wheel drivers, all of whom want to preserve the environment for public use.
In Colorado, environmentalists made up the "Preble's Jumping Mouse" and forced taxpayers to waste tens of millions of dollars defending lawsuits in courts. In early 2005, they finally confessed that there is no such creature as a Preble's Jumping Mouse. But now they argue that, since such a mouse COULD exist, we should not build in the habitat they COULD live in. This will force taxpayers to spend yet more millions in court.
by The Wog Whomper May 11, 2005