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When either a man or woman reaches orgasm very quickly, due to over-stimulation or excitement.
Sorry about the enthusigasm baby, I hope it was still good for you.
by Handsome B July 19, 2006
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N. A state of manic ecstasy, especially regarding a subject which bores EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD to tears.

"My wife couldn't possibly care less about the latest Mars mission, but it's giving me multiple enthusigasms!"

"The intensity of any enthusigasm varies directly with the arcanity of the subject."
by J. Ladd Yost May 27, 2008
When you get extremely excited over something so amazing that it's as if you're orgasming.
This cheese pizza dipped in cherry coke is so amazing I might just enthusigasm!
by Doctor Shuno May 26, 2011

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