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Shorthand for engineer. Used in on-line fps-games.
The axis have too many engs.
by farside April 15, 2005
16 18
England, or of England.
London, Eng.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
7 1
I hate how this is so messed up on here. so heres the REAL definition.

"Eng" is a chinese surname that means "five" in chinese. But that doesn't mean you call your chinese friend "five". not cool, yo.
person 1: whats his/her last name?
person 2: Eng.
person 1: how do you pronounce that?
person 2: eng, like english?
person 1: oohhh. thats easy. i thought it was like ang, like that nick show, aang.
person 2: uhhh. no. don't say that(x
by correctingmorons August 16, 2011
14 9
Someone that is from China.
That kid is such an Eng.
by Anonomous2007 April 27, 2008
20 21
Acronym for "Electronic News Gathering." This term is used by reporters and the people who sell them merchandise for their trade.
A portable digital audio recorder is rapidly becoming a standard tool for ENG reporters.
by reh January 18, 2005
10 18
Either a person from England... or a Fat Bitch, Pirate Hooker, Sastress who has had a "Revelation" and realized THE GAME HAS CHANGED
"Oh, look at that inebriated Eng!!!"
by Favorite December 21, 2005
13 29
Refer to words such as faggot, fruit, queer, ugly
DUDE, Why do you have to be such an Eng
by Saiyuk April 18, 2005
13 49