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A woman like you've never met before, usually the girl that most men see in their dreams. She has long black hair with magnificent brown eyes, a smile that will brighten up your day. She is also a goddess and is one of the prettiest girls to walk this planet. She loves all sports and can drink a beer and eat wings like a beast. If you meet an enge your jaw will drop and you won't make any sense but they are used to that so dont be embaressed. Laughter and love is the key to an enges heart. Basically the perfect woman.
adam - man I just want a cute girl who I could sit back and watch the lakers, eat wings, and drink a beer with.
john - you want an enge!
by BLACKMAMBA27 April 11, 2011
a girl with multi personalities. she loves pink hippos and thinks all is fair in love and war. she also loves pink and orange even though stupid hypocrites like jully steal her colors. (even though jully looks better in them.) but despite all her randomness, shes just simply gangster. so don`t mess.
psycho? rarely. interesting? perhaps. hungry? starving... kit kats are really yummy. and the smores chewy bars too.
by JULLYANN`S LiNGUiSTiCALNESS. April 04, 2005

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