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Emuworld Is At www.emuworld.info/
You know that emuworld? Well it has moved to www.emuworld.info/
by www.emuworld.info/ August 10, 2004

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1337 n00bs
An online forum about videogames and emulation. It's famous for it's 1337 n00bs.
Have you seen all those 1337 n00bs over at Emuworld? One of these days they'll get the best of of me.
by The flaming pants February 21, 2003
emuworld = deh pwn!
emuworld pwnz j00
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
a place on the internet to legally masturbate
i pooped up my goo
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
A place where dreams and nightmares can become reality.
I always get this morning boner when I've been dreaming about Emuworld.
by A Smack in the Teeth March 27, 2003
3muw0rld iz gh3y!
by Fuck 3muw0rld March 25, 2003