A emo person that is homosexual
"OMFG!! Look at that dyke! But she looks gothic or something." "No, she's emu!"
by J. Anthony May 27, 2006
a. A genre of Australian emo music.

b. An Australian follower of emo
That guy is very emu.
by Mona1 May 29, 2005
An emu is a random boy who shouts out random words and can sometimes be quite amusing- but is mostly wierd.
Hey Emu!
You look like an emu, emu!
by Jim Coppin April 15, 2005
Australian version of "emo".
Emo music produced or made in Australia. (b.werner)
Blink 182 etc play a style that is refered to as emo music, Emu is really the same music just produced in Australia.
An Emu is also a large Native Australian flightless bird (like an ostrich).
by Benjamin Werner December 04, 2005
means being the sexiest chic
hey baby u are being very emu
by ddddd September 19, 2006

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