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you can still be emo, but with the added perk of being pretty and high fashion.
kid 1: wow. look at her. she's trying to be emo, but she's wearing abercrombie and fitch.
kid 2: she's not a poser, stupid. she's emo-glam.
kid 1: oh. okay.
by prettygurrrl January 30, 2006

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Basically, emo kids that try at all times to be fashionable. They're sure to match their belt with their shoes, their shirt to their trucker hat... in other words:

emoglams are emokid fashion freaks.
"Dude, check out that emoglam guy..matching his belt with his shoes"
by elenax June 01, 2005
"emo-glam". its emo, but cute and pretty and happy at the same time
Callie & Cielo are totally emo-glam!
by diva_1 June 08, 2006