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the haircut that all the emo kids have that covers one eye but it pushed to one side of the head in a swooping fashion.
Yo his emo swoop is so low that it's making him depressed.
by Skidizzle August 29, 2006
The hairstyle of an emo kid, in which the majority of the hair is parted off to the side, covering the face.
Usually dyed an assortment of colors, but most often black.
They also tend to be greasy, and pushed back a lot. But the emo swoop always falls back into place.
Real emo kids have emo swoops.
by xemostarx May 06, 2006
Worst and most trendy haircut ever.
Hair hangs down and usually to the side, covering either one eye or most of the face.
Person1: I am so sick of seeing all these emo kids with their emo swoops, they all look the same despite their efforts to be different.

Person2: Whatever, the less of their faces you can see the better!
by Sarah Lambert March 05, 2008
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