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the fucking faggot who keeps posting pictures of his emo ass on here and refers to himself as "hot" is a fucking cock tard. when you can't tell by looking at a picture if somebody is a guy or a girl, you know your life is fucking worthless. kill yourself and your "emo swoop."
this just in: the "emo swoop'ster" on urban dictionary is a fucking wanker who will eventually come out of this stage in 2-3 years and realize how fucking stupid he was during that time.
by john March 14, 2005
760 278
The hairdo of someone who likes to suck penises.

See the image above.
After I blew Richard last night, I got his man paste stuck in my emo swoop.
by Michael Hunt March 14, 2005
722 309
a comb-over for your face
"that dood's face is trollish!"

"yeah, thank god he has the emo swoop"
by Kossuth April 11, 2007
194 80
The act of reaching into the toilet for a shit snack.
The survivors of the crash in the Andes mountains were forced to feast on human remains. Too bad they hadn't discovered the emo swoop.
by Sir Richard Branson February 14, 2008
38 52
The beautiful flowing hair of one who listens to Hawthorne Heights.
Look at the emo swoop on Mr. Smith :D
by Vicky K April 18, 2006
23 72
the hottest style of hair pertaining to guys. it occurs when the hair is grown out in front long enought to swoop over the eyes.
wow. look at that hot guy over there, he has sports the emo swoop
by bop March 10, 2005
195 736