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An Emmers is typically a girl who is very much liked by everyone. She posses an uncanny ability to amaze those with her weirdness and scent. Those who are an Emmers never let anything stand in the way of their mission to succeed.
Boy 1: DAYUMM, who is she?

Boy 2: DUR. She's an Emmers.
by funky panda ear December 31, 2009
1. a species of wheat
2. person who is lovely and fabulous- though not nearly as fabulous as joel (like thats even possible)
Emmer is the unique pronunciation of the name of a unique person.
"Emmer is a reall kool gal"
Joel, June 1st 2003
by Emmer June 01, 2004
emmer, as in M-er, short for MFer, which is short for motherfucker. Suitable for polite company.
That guy's a real emmer.
by Kopy Kool July 28, 2011
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