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an anime role play site that kicks ass of all sites.
Users are given an avatar to dress and move to different forums with, where they can talk to other people from various places all aroung the world about many different subjects.
Beware n00bs and spammage... oh so wrong..
You can have your own username ( i am Child of the Dawn) and private message system.
i was on gaia today and was attacked by a n00b wielding badger spoon.
by Emmer June 01, 2004
1. a species of wheat
2. person who is lovely and fabulous- though not nearly as fabulous as joel (like thats even possible)
Emmer is the unique pronunciation of the name of a unique person.
"Emmer is a reall kool gal"
Joel, June 1st 2003
by Emmer June 01, 2004
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