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known for being sexy, hot, and amazing at everything. Some would say that they are without a doubt the coolest beings on this planet
"Have you seen Nick Jonas? He looks so elyse today!!"
by LAURA:) May 17, 2008
A beautiful girl, very unique. Has great style, the envy of everyone. Commonly has long, dark brown hair, and gorgeous speckled eyes. A complete genius when it come to school, and a hottie when it comes to boys.
Boy: Damnnnn, bro. Is it hot in here is it just me?
Other Boy: Oh, that was my girlfriend, Elyse.
by PandaaRanda August 29, 2010
A girl who is zany, spastic and a little slow, but extremely intelligent, knows how to hold her liquor and will do some major ass-kicking if provoked.

also, her breasts are often compared to the size of huge grapefruits and with the curves men dream of.
Elyse's breasts are like the produce section all over again....melons!
by twisted-freakshow July 06, 2010
a form of prostitution by which the whore dates the opposite party, gains their trust, and then moves on to another 'client' taking the previous client's waste of time and energy as payment.
"did you hear that steve's ex started banging some dude 2 days after they broke up?"

"yea, but its not like she really dated him, he was just on E-lyse"
by CT12345 April 14, 2008
1) a crazy, inappropriate girl
2) someone who is well known for being a dirty tramp

3) likes to go by the name sugar tits
Person 1: "did you hear about Elyse?"
Person 2: "yeah, what a trampy thing to do. It doesn't surprise me though she is so crazy!"
by Kate, Emma, Kelsie, Micah July 12, 2014

Girl who will be nice to her friend alone, but around friends that she is not that close to, or has not known for a while, she can leave her closest friend by herself and not talk to her. She can be smart and pretty. But also mean and ignorrant. She's not to popular and she usually has one friend that everyone knows and likes.
Man, Elyse is pretty but dang, she is arrogant!
by unknown someone December 28, 2010
A girl who has difficulty running because she's got too much junk in her trunk.
"Did I just see a penguin waddle past us?"
"No bro, that was elyse"
by Rat-san March 14, 2008
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