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He still sucks you fucking tools.
All Eli Manning did against the Patriots was get stopped. He NARROWLY survived a sack that could've very well cost the Giants the game and then threw the ball without any targets. He just chugged it. He still is a no talent faggot twerp who only won because daddy manning had to conspire with the nfl to get both of his overrated sons a super bowl ring and finally get them to beat the patriots. you can also thank eli's stupidity as a quarterback for allowing the patriots to be the only team to go undefeated in the regular season.

if you actually watched the fucking game, you would notice the giants got away with a shitload of penalties.

yeah, eli manning really is a legend.
by david smith, jr. February 19, 2008
145 239
1.) Legend
2.) Patriots Killer
Eli Manning is now a bonafide New York Legend.
by Lefter Gasping February 03, 2008
857 361
Quarterback for the New York Giants. A lot of Chargers fans are still pissed at him for what he did on draft day, but as a Charger fan myself, I have to give him a lot of props for taking down the evil empire of the NFL, the New England Cheatriots in Super Bowl XLII.
That pass from Eli Manning to David Tyree in the Super Bowl where he escaped out of the sack will soon be known as legendary.
by SD_fan February 05, 2008
447 288
incredible young giants qb. made the right decision not playing for the chargers, who without LT would be about as good as your local high school team. jealous chargers fans may say otherwise, but eli has the potential to be the next great thing in the NFL.
hey who's that new qb tearing up the NFL?
oh you must mean eli manning
by giantsfan November 14, 2005
350 336
HTe most ganster player to ever play in the nfl.
Yo, Eli Manning is the shit.
by Eli fan January 30, 2005
374 382
2004's Number 1 draft pick one of the best football players.& people need to stop saying that he not as good as peyton even tho hes not but remember peyton's been playin for like 10 years & Elis only been playing for 4. Really Hot & also hes the QB for the Giants!
Damn that Eli Manning's Fine & not just n football but looks
by madalyn November 04, 2007
211 246
a sissy overrated football player who's afraid of actually getting hit. speaks with an annoying lisp and sucks at life
Coach: "George, sack the quarterback"
George: "No way, he's afraid of getting sacked and is gonna pull and Eli Manning"
by Welky January 02, 2009
200 245
The pussiest quaterback ever. Is in a gay relationship with Bruce Sprinsteen
Eli Manning- "Every time Bruce moans, Im on my knees"

Bruce " Give it to me harder, Eli!"
by Joseph Mack Miranda February 11, 2009
194 264