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2 definitions by madalyn

Someone who is Mexican/Hispanic and tries to act ghetto, i.e., wearing sagging shorts and airbrushed t-shirts, listening to one's music ten times louder than need be, and wearing a fake grill at least twice a week.
That guy's such a ghettican- I can hear his music while listening to my iPod!
by madalyn April 06, 2007
4 3
2004's Number 1 draft pick one of the best football players.& people need to stop saying that he not as good as peyton even tho hes not but remember peyton's been playin for like 10 years & Elis only been playing for 4. Really Hot & also hes the QB for the Giants!
Damn that Eli Manning's Fine & not just n football but looks
by madalyn November 04, 2007
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