when one pulls their nuts apart and places them on top of the penis. Thus, the nuts look like eyes and they dong looks like an elephant trunk.
Raymond gave randy ray the elephant in the middle of the hall. that sick fucker
by curly headed fucker May 04, 2010
Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. In the wild, a male African elephant may stand 10-12 ft tall at the shoulder and weigh 5-6 tons. The huge bull elephants may weigh as much as 14,000 lb.
The largest bull elephant in Amboseli National Park, Dionysus, weighed about 15,000 lb and had tusks well over 100 lb.
by EE1 January 29, 2010
A big, but graceful gray animal that walks the planet at this very moment. They have a heart of gold as they walk with their babies.
Have you ever heard of an elephant attacking a human?
Have you ever heard of an elephant tripping?
by elephantgirl24 January 03, 2010
noun: the virginity

verb: to lose one's virginity, often in a totally bizarre way, or to take someone else's virginity
The other day I lost my elephant under that table.

Yesterday, we elephanted in a tree.
At the party I will elephant her.
by Meghan Seamoans September 21, 2009
A street term for marijuana.
Lets smoke some elephant.
by kolkx October 07, 2008
someone who is acting skank-like; flirting -- a lot. sometimes with only one person, when there are plenty of others around.
sara: bob was hitting on every girl today at the pool!

beth: totally. what an elephant..
by karly;; April 27, 2008
A cigarette using 600 rings.
"Ay mang, when you stop at tha G-stat tomorrow, could you grab me a box o' trunks?"

"what dude?"

"you know, da elephants"
by ThaDolla February 17, 2010

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