1. To remove or eliminate. Originally diner lingo to cancel an order. The term derives from rhyming slang for "nix."
Eighty-six the salad for table 12, they pulled a dine and dash.
by Propinka February 10, 2007
To eighty-six something or someone originates in a small bar in the village. Chumley's, a prohibition era haunt for writers and artists, had two entrances: one of which was on 86 Bedford street. When the bar got raided by cops everyone would rush out of the back door on 86 Bedford.
Shit! The cops! Let's eighty-six it!
by Your Mother, Trebek August 22, 2009
To delete. Orginated in the 1980's when restaurants started using POS(point of sale) software. The number 86 was used to delete incorrect or changed orders. Now, 86 has taken on its own life.
"you need to eighty-six your girlfriend" in other words "get ride of her"
by smart417 October 12, 2005
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