The Gluon gun (AKA "The Egon") is a prototype weapon developed by the Black Mesa Weapons Research Facility.
It emits a constant stream of energy that disingrates anything in it's path.
by MPseMp July 13, 2005
Top Definition
A scientist or person of very high intelligence. It comes from the character, Egon, from the Ghostbusters films.
Alan: I got an A on my test. What did you get?

Jason: A fucking D.

Alan: How did you fail? The test was easy.

Jason: Shut up! You're such an egon!
by Righty007 November 06, 2007
An editor who is sick of these people treating this site like its a chatroom and rejects every stupid comment or insult or opinion here.
egon is changing the way this website is used
by Egon May 07, 2005
-an insult
-a name
1. you're such an egon. you should be ashamed
2. look, Egon is coming
by Janus January 21, 2005
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