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Spaghetti and Meatballs
Mmmm.. spaghetti and meatballs.
by MPseMp August 20, 2005
The fine line between psychosis and genius is measured only by the quantity of bullets that you dispatch from this gun into your victim.
It's essentially a big-ass machine gun with all the trimmings.
by MPseMp July 13, 2005
The Gluon gun (AKA "The Egon") is a prototype weapon developed by the Black Mesa Weapons Research Facility.
It emits a constant stream of energy that disingrates anything in it's path.
by MPseMp July 13, 2005
Two better than X-ray.
No example nessecary.
by MPseMp May 21, 2005
A decent gaming system that has its ups and downs.

The X-Box is large, bulky, and has a huge controller, but that's beside the point. There are a few good games on it, such as Halo or Counter-strike. These games are out for the PC but need a $2000 machine to run, the X-Box costs only $100-300.

The reason most people hate it is because

A. it's made by Microsoft
B. it's huge
C. the games they played must have sucked

Just because its made by Microsoft doesn't automatically mean it sucks. Halo was made by Microsoft, and look how it's doing, hmm?

The controller is an exact duplicate of the PS2 controller, just substitute the Black and White buttons for L2 and R2. Hell you could probably play the X-Box with a PS2 controller if it had the right plug.

So, in closing, I think that the X-Box is probably the only good thing made by Microsoft.
My game would have to be Doom 3.
by MPseMp April 29, 2005
Hehe, you said "dick".
All your base are belong to us
by MPseMp August 19, 2005

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