Self Concept; the persons own definition or idea of his or her own self worth - value and capability of the individual - in relation to the external world surrounding the individual. A person can have a big ego and have an idea of his or her worth where it is bigger than what the external world reflects; and therefore become depressed when the world refuses to mirror the persons self concept; this is also related to narcissism (NPD) where a 'narcissist' is the same thing as a person with an overinflated - but still weak - ego.

A big - inflated - ego is not the same thing as a -strong- ego; where a strong ego is more about exterminating false ideas of ones self the person is born with; which contains ideas of omnipotence and other mythological concepts we openly culturally only accept in 'gods' or superheroes but is still available as a subconcious self-concept among people with weak yet inflated egos; where accepting the lack of realism among these over-inflated traits and therefore discarding them as available in oneself (and others) and accepting weaknesses and flaws as a respectable - unavoidable; occuring in all individuals - part of the personality; thus removing insecurities and fears of loss of value since the person understands he has no value or traits that makes him or her superior to other to begin with. And therefore can't lose value in displays that demonstrates he or her lacks superior traits.
Western feminist women have inflated; yet extremely weak egos; which they protect by projecting all traits that threaten their image and imagined greatness as a gender towards men.

Making western men appear as sexist primitive pigs unable to reason rationally and take control over their sex-drive; while actually that is a defining trait of women as a gender.
by Creger May 26, 2013
That part of the brain that won't shut the f*** up!
Jeez Mike, tell you're f****** Ego to shut the f*** up so you don't have to pass it on to me already.
by Benncm January 07, 2011
after the ID is formed in the psyche the Ego comes afterwards. it turns the primary process thinking into secondary process thinking so we use aceptable behavior to get what we want. the ego although responsible for are conscious descions is mainly in the preconconscious where it meshes and overlaps with the ID. the reason it is mainly in the preconscious is so that defense mechnism can block off unexceptable thoughts that are hurtfull or events that happen in the outside world that are huretfull to the human psyche when this happens the egos defense mechnism become active and thrust those harfull things into the abys of the unconscious.although defense mechnism deal with problems in the outside world they are not conscious to us.
the ego is what makes us human thus abortian is the killing of something unhuman and evil since it is nothing more then a ID the unborn has no conscious neither do babys just born
by johnyhoff February 27, 2005
Expected Gratification Outcome
The process in which one overspends on a material item to make one's self feel much more worthy in relation to amount they spent. (i.e. feeding one's ego). Ego is not the actual self perception, but in fact the expected gratification one feels they deserve.
by Chris Knowles October 14, 2007
Nick Gor
Nick G: Im am the shit i mean i am so good at basketball
Lonnie: Nicks Ego is huge beyond repair
by Pozydakilla October 08, 2008
A completely different personality that typical rock stars carry after the their golden years.
A then-badass rock star with a big ego would go:

"Now our style is getting old so I want to have our style to fuse with Jazz, Progressive, Speed Metal and little bit of Techno with some booming guitar and bass riffs, BECAUSE I AM SO COOL!"
by Rawbee August 13, 2007
Ex-Girlfriend Overlap
When you have an ex-girlfriend(s) who hang out at your old haunts. This ruins your opportunity to meet new woman and gives your exes a chance to "talk" about you! A very bad situation the will ruin your EGO
by FunInNYC October 23, 2009
noun. the term for a dick if you translate beyonce's song, "ego". she mentions it being "too big, too wide, too strong"
"dude she sucked my ego yesterday"

"gorillas have small egos...asians too!!"
by BigEgoMan August 19, 2009

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