eggs are not what you think, eggs can be used in other ways than cooking! eggs can be used as a phrase or together with a phrase to confuse people!
you:Is that you? eggs? hmm hey? eggs? hmm eggs? eggs!! hm hmm eggs hey mmm eggs??? ey?!?! eggs?!??

parents:wtf are you talking about?

by zshuum March 09, 2006
One person in a group, like one egg in a carton. Almost always evaluated as good or bad, as when checking the carton for quality.
I like them, especially Joe... he's a good egg.


They're nice for the most part, but watch out for Joe... he's a bad egg.
by iiams October 04, 2005
what Randy says when he is put in a paticualarly confusing situation. Usually used alongside OMGWTFBBQ!?
Hot Chick: are you going to bed
Randy: soon, but not yet
Hot Chick: that's sexy
Randy: eggs?
Hot Chick: lol, I hate eggs
by Nelly February 04, 2005
decribing someone as good looking
he's as fit as eggs
by Jules October 27, 2003
1) that which comes out of a chicken
2) Violet's lover
I want to eat a hard boiled egg.
by Simica March 23, 2003
An egg is a sweaty minge that belongs to pearl
Russ licked the egg
by Russ January 15, 2004
It's an item that is round and hard that comes out of a chicken
At least it's not chicken shit
by lunar shadows December 23, 2004

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