often use as a term of indearment to sumone face but is really an insult
male or female withh a samll head, large stomache,skinny legs and the personality of a wet fish
often refered to as an egg on sticks
that hoes just an egg on legs
by lunch boxx November 04, 2006
People of little stature who join fraternities of little stature. Pathetic lives surpassed only by the infamous gdi
eggs! you get penis envy from my big bench! honk to make us drink! Girl gimme some of that new phenomenon!
by The Bush May 05, 2006
Another way of saying exactly. Influenced by actor Jaaved Jaafrey's use of the word "exactly" in the Bollywood movie "Salaam Namaste". He says "egg-chactly" instead of "exactly"
Asif: Man that new google ad was awesome!
Hank: Egg!
by Huzaima August 22, 2007
eggs are not what you think, eggs can be used in other ways than cooking! eggs can be used as a phrase or together with a phrase to confuse people!
you:Is that you? eggs? hmm hey? eggs? hmm eggs? eggs!! hm hmm eggs hey mmm eggs??? ey?!?! eggs?!??

parents:wtf are you talking about?

by zshuum March 09, 2006
One person in a group, like one egg in a carton. Almost always evaluated as good or bad, as when checking the carton for quality.
I like them, especially Joe... he's a good egg.


They're nice for the most part, but watch out for Joe... he's a bad egg.
by iiams October 04, 2005
what Randy says when he is put in a paticualarly confusing situation. Usually used alongside OMGWTFBBQ!?
Hot Chick: are you going to bed
Randy: soon, but not yet
Hot Chick: that's sexy
Randy: eggs?
Hot Chick: lol, I hate eggs
by Nelly February 04, 2005
decribing someone as good looking
he's as fit as eggs
by Jules October 27, 2003
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