1. really hot out
2. opposite of "brick"
3. so hot out that you can crack an egg on the side walk and it'll cook
"yo its mad eggs out im about to take my clothes off"
by shaneyneyyyyy April 26, 2008
Egg: A female reproduction cell. Also, a delicious breakfast food that tastes delicious with bacon. Or canadian bacon (if you're canadian). And Toast. Yeah, toast! And Corn Flakes. They're GRRRRRRREAT!
Yum, an egg! Clearly made by female chickens!
This is a word wrongly defined by many people. It is actually a misspelling of the word gegg, which means to leap backwards into a hole whilst watching a snail race. It has come to mean a roundish thing commonly laid by a chicken, but this is WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
"Did you see John gegg then?"
"That was top-notch gegging!"


"Oooh, look at that chicken laying an egg. I might just scramble it!"
by TheGeggMaster May 02, 2005
A Morman pathological lier; ofter calls himself fat and says he will have a heart attack if he ever came close to something fun.
On our trip to Salt Lake City we saw many eggs.
by Mike March 21, 2003
often use as a term of indearment to sumone face but is really an insult
male or female withh a samll head, large stomache,skinny legs and the personality of a wet fish
often refered to as an egg on sticks
that hoes just an egg on legs
by lunch boxx November 04, 2006
People of little stature who join fraternities of little stature. Pathetic lives surpassed only by the infamous gdi
eggs! you get penis envy from my big bench! honk to make us drink! Girl gimme some of that new phenomenon!
by The Bush May 05, 2006
Another way of saying exactly. Influenced by actor Jaaved Jaafrey's use of the word "exactly" in the Bollywood movie "Salaam Namaste". He says "egg-chactly" instead of "exactly"
Asif: Man that new google ad was awesome!
Hank: Egg!
by Huzaima August 22, 2007

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