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Speaking, thinking, or behaving in a certain way solely because it is perceived as normal or cool.
Joey: Yo man. Did you see that chick with the huge tits? She was smokin' hot!
Dylan: Are you kidding dude? Her face was busted. You're so eeb.
by mcchex September 23, 2010
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Eeb! Something of a random orientation. Can be used anytime, anywhere, for anything. Mostly used to annoy people, or to just be a complete westhead.
Eeb! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEB! eeb... ... ... ... Eeb! Eebeeb!...

.. Eeb!
by Buck March 14, 2005
the santa clause of drugs
"I can't wait untill i go to Eebs's brownstone in Park Slope! I hear it's decorated like a winter wonderland!"
by Free Love September 30, 2003
1. (n) a small round creature with big eyes.

2a. (n) something someone says to express affection towards another
2b. something said to alert someones presence.

3. eeb has no true meaning, it allows someone to use it and interpret it in their own original way.
1. "and here we see the eeb scurrying around its natural habitat."

2a. "eeeeeb! how cute!"
2b. eeb *pokes random passer-by*

3. eeb.
by skat June 07, 2005
A black person with a white person trying to get out.
Dude...stop bein such a fukin eeb!
by Lowshki Mclew March 04, 2004

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