ablino crackhead with lime diease, has the smile of a rapist and should get a new weave
Bella:Edward wont do me... waahh!!!
Alice:Who gives a shit?
Bella:BITE ME!!
Alice: i eat you.
by Ruthhii. May 25, 2009
A general descriptor for one endowed with a gigantic cock of elephant proportions
<honey> I love sucking Edward's elephant cock
by pseudocunt March 14, 2010
Extremly attractive. A people person who is almost always the life of the party. Deriving from royalty.
He is so elegant, reminds me of an Edward.
by dayana0725 February 05, 2010
Means that you are a talented skier. You have the ability to acomplish your dreams and it is the best last name, period!
I wish I had the last name "Edwards".
by William Edwards III January 21, 2008
The main character from full metal alchemist.
Look its edward elric!!!
by chickitychick December 21, 2009
An Amazing Person that is fun to talk to and gives enjoyable conversation, a great boyfriend and a fun person to hang out with. talk to for hours on end without getting bored. Also very talented at music.
"Omg, Is that Edward?!" "Edward Cullen?" "No, Edward Norton!"
"I just saw Edward Norton's Band, 'Vampire Weekend'."
by Hollywood420FTW December 20, 2009
The classic image of a great friend. Funny and nice and cool and just all around around awesome. Has great tastes in television shows, makes a mean dinner, and is deathly afraid of his pet rabbit. Also known by Eddie and Ed, among other things.
"He's just like Edward. And not the sparkle troll."
by AcadianWarriorChick January 09, 2011

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