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Thinking Of Laughing


Thinking Out Loud

This slang word was coined by the infamous TheWineKone of YouTube through his frustration of the word "lol" being constantly used over instant messaging programs.
TheWineKone pwns. TOL.
by Tim Hortons June 09, 2006
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A person that is trying to be a tRolL, but has problems Reading and understanding the message of the person he is trying to troll; furthermore, the person has very limited knowledge of the art of the written word i.e., Literature.

This is the reason the letters "r" and "l" were removed from the word troll. Example: "He's just a tol".
I wish there weren't so many tol's on this forum
by Sanananab August 08, 2010
utol = brother
tol = bro

Tagalog Slang (filipino)
e.g pare/tol/mate/bro

"WassUp toL?"
by aubic July 04, 2005
Abbreviation/Quick Text for total. Popularized by teh_pwnerer (Jeremy) from Pure Pwnage, a popular internet comedy series.
zaq101 - Look at that to'l ubern00b.
by zaq101 December 29, 2005
TOL - Thinking Out Loud

Used when putting up ones thoughts on social media.
I hate Mondays! #TOL
by GUEST0 December 19, 2011
1. (v) acronym for "turd out loud", a synonym for "shart", to shit while farting
"Veni, Vedi, Toli!" (meaning "I came, I saw, I sharted!" a quote attributed to Julius Caesar's catamite)

"Dude, I think I just tolled at the toll booth back there...that's the LAST time I eat at Taco Bell!"
by Dwokoneseus November 26, 2009
Tons Of Laughs. Much more than LOL. It's mostly used in IM, but it can also be used in a regular conversation as an interjection, if something is too good to be laughed at.
girl77 says: omg, my cat is destroying my room with a mouse toy!
some1_2: TOL
by TynaBand January 19, 2009

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