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One of the greatest authors in american history. If they ever make a movie based on his life I could see Johnny Depp in the lead role.
-Edgar Allen Poe is cool
-Yes he is.
by tintle September 11, 2004
The incorrect spelling of Edgar Allan Poe. Often times used by so-called fans that have no idea what they're talking about.
Dumb kid: i am so goth! i read Edgar Allen Poe!!!!!

Smart kid: Yes, Edgar Allan Poe was, in my opinion, the greatest poet ever known to exist.
by Rebekah Rebel June 30, 2005
a man intransitive and transitive of inspiration, of spleen, author of several great works and pioneer of the detective novel, bidding adieu to the foul earth in 1849.
Annabel Lee Lo-Lee-tah.
by Chris Anthemahm October 19, 2003
The incorrect spelling of Edgar Allan Poe. Usually used by poet-wannabes and emo kids, thinking that if they claim that "POE IS MY HERO!!1", it'll make them a better poet. Sadly, stating this does not make their cruddy emo "poetry" any better.
However, Edgar Allan Poe is a wonderful poet, despite all the poseurs.
Intelligent individual: "Oh dear God..."
by Lunar Escape December 31, 2008
The original #1 goth!
You ain't a goth if you don't know Edgar Allen Poe
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 July 13, 2004
Edgar Allen Poe was the first official goth known to existance. He was so depressed, he almost ripped out his spline. yeessss
Edgar Allen poe is my idol, because he is a depressed idiot.
by shkiphkles October 05, 2005

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