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Used to express extreme disdain, exasperation, or disgust. suck is it that I left my wallet at home?
by BlueSketch April 19, 2006
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A noise to say when in displeasure, or to say when talking in a raspy voice.
"Goblins! Ech! I don't like 'em."
by NonUrban Dictionary January 07, 2015
awesome, sweet, stellar, wicked
yoo that trick was ech.
by Bryan October 25, 2004
East Coast Homies From Scotland *\o/*
'Lets Go Poon With The ECH Guys They Win Life'
by ECHBlackthorn August 26, 2008
A very offensive term which refers to an incredibly loose vagina.
Like the expression someone makes when they have no jaw... They open their mouth and go "Ech..." because they have no jaw. This is a term used in describing what are also known as "wizard sleeves".
by Undeadskank January 06, 2009

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