Anything sickness that makes you feel terrible. Stomach virus, flu, ebola, etc.
Person 2: ...You are talking in all caps.
Person 1: No for serious I'm going to like, die. You don't even know. If I throw up on your shoe, will you still like me?
Person 2: ...No.
by abcl February 28, 2011
Top Definition
The worst disease unknown to man.
Alex caught Ebolaids after he was raped by an unhygienic monkey.
by Sir Die A Lot December 16, 2007
A mix of ebola and aids
He's gonna die from ebolaids.
by picklestein October 16, 2014
Ebola + Aids = Ebolaids
What you just said was so stupid, it gave me ebolaids.
by Maxog November 28, 2014
So utterly cancerous that one contains both Ebola and Aids.
Man...That Lee Sin last game literally had ebolaids..
by NomiYume October 19, 2014
When you have Ebola and Aids at the same time.
Dude! I heard in Africa 8000 People have Ebolaids
by 333badcat November 06, 2014
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