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A button one pushes that instantly fixes his/her problems. It is big, it is red, and it says Easy Button on it. Sold at Staples office supplies.
Man#1: Holy shit I lost my house and my family to gambling, my friends left me, and I think I'm addicted to crack
Man#2: Here push the easy button
Man#1: Thanks man!
by tangarangb17 October 10, 2005
woman whom after sleeping with, your first thought is "that was easy"...
that girl from last night was an easy-button...

jersey girls are easy buttons...
by SLICK7862 November 18, 2009
A slang term for a woman clitoris
"She loves it when you play with her easy button"

"She gets off so quick when you play with her easy button"
by that D girl September 13, 2008

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