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East County San Diego. Tall cans, tatoos, black socks, dickie shorts, wife beaters, trailor parks, dirt bikes, the Klan, peckerwoods, bikers, meth amphetamines, nature, white boys, backwards hats with the fliped up brim, san diego pride, hardcore, punk, 0503 (numerics for E.C.), 1904.

Some East County Cities:
La Mesa, El Cajon, Lakeside, San Carlos, Santee (aka Klantee)
take your east county ass back to klantee u fuckin peckerwood.
by filthyrich February 08, 2008
The geographical location in San Diego east of Mission Valley and east of the 15 freeway. People typically drive raised SUV's and trucks. The temperature is also much warmer than San Diego.
I'm going to get my truck on and head to east county.
by JPizza January 20, 2008
the east county of san diego, a part of the county that has created its own seperate culture with elements of the rest of california and its own unique flavor.
yo im reppin east county. We all the same, we all east county.
by anonymous10101 September 28, 2006
A euphemism generally reserved for inhabitants of the Eastern portion of San Diego County. These people typically brandish tattoos, iron crosses, poor dental care, and can be seen driving trucks lifted 6" higher in the front than in the rear (a.k.a. "bro lift") laden with SRH, Metal Mulisha and Kottonmouth Kings stickers. The entire back seats of these vehicles are taken up by subwoofers booming shitty white boy rap music. People of this character are usually inbred and can be described as being white trash, classless and exhibiting an extreme lack of intelligence.
Person 1: Man, did you see that asshole just cut me off in that lifted piece of shit F150?

Person 2: So east county.
by Carbomb January 08, 2011
Area of east Montgomery County, Texas. Full of rednecks, Klansmen, and white trash. A place to find trailer trash, and real southern accents. Traversed by Hwy 59 towards Lufkin, TX.
Blacks don't let the sun go down on 'em in East County.
by gchc713 April 21, 2010
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