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Slang for Santee, a part of San Diego's East County and home to many bros, skin heads and the Klan(hence the name). Where everyone has tattoos, drives lifted trucks, wears dickies and famous clothing. Its also hot as shit here.
Go back to fuckin Klantee you trailer trash fuckin bro, you're not welcome here!
by CWils August 04, 2008
in East County San Diego

White suburbia, Over populated with ignorant peckerwoods/skinheads,and bros that drive lifted trucks with some kind of so cal sticker located on the back window.
The name Klantee came about in the early 90's when the kkk (Klu Klux Klan) migrated over here from the south and settled here, reproduced and now their generations continue to preach about their white power shit.
Hense the reason you will never see a single colored individual out here.
Black guy #1 "Ayee man we should go to that party in Klantee!"

Black guy #2 "Hell naw I don't wanna end up swinging from a tree!"
by littlelexii1000 June 25, 2009
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