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A euphemism generally reserved for inhabitants of the Eastern portion of San Diego County. These people typically brandish tattoos, iron crosses, poor dental care, and can be seen driving trucks lifted 6" higher in the front than in the rear (a.k.a. "bro lift") laden with SRH, Metal Mulisha and Kottonmouth Kings stickers. The entire back seats of these vehicles are taken up by subwoofers booming shitty white boy rap music. People of this character are usually inbred and can be described as being white trash, classless and exhibiting an extreme lack of intelligence.
Person 1: Man, did you see that asshole just cut me off in that lifted piece of shit F150?

Person 2: So east county.
by Carbomb January 08, 2011
A social experiment conducted during the turbulent Civil Rights era of the 1960s where the government transplanted the entire white population of a small rural Alabama town, rich and poor, to see how they would get along with zero minorities in the mix. The result gradually became a town full of people on antidepressants whose kids take every form of drug known to man to pass the time, and run by Nazi sheriffs who stamp out every instance of fun and excitement with an iron fist. The "city" of Poway is really a modern day Pleasantville, except everyone realizes they are black and white, and as a result, are clinically depressed.
Dude, you wanna go snort some lines, smoke a few bowls and pop a couple bottles of pills with the Poway kids?

For sure! Let's go bowling after.
by Carbomb January 09, 2011
Getting rid of all your "friends" that you now don't talk to, care about, have never met, or just now "dislike." Similar to a company trimming the fat in the their labor force.
Just went through a round of facebook layoffs... and man, it feels good.
by Carbomb April 26, 2011
Stands for: Jacking my penis off

Said: "Jim-po"

Sounds like: Johnny Chimpo, the masturbating monkey logo from Super Troopers

Synonym: Fap fap
This slut on my Facebook just posted new pics from the club last weekend...

Comment: jmpo
by Carbomb May 02, 2013
When feeling a nasty fart coming on, move into a group of people in order to share it's sweet fragrance. Then, briskly walk away leaving said group to argue amongst themselves as to who committed the deed.
Poop and Swoop a.k.a. The Fart Bandit

Stacey: "Oh my God! Do you smell that?! Rob! What the hell?!"

Rob: "It wasn't me! That had to have been Jesse."

Jesse: "No way, dude."

Monica: "I think someone just poop and swooped us."
by Carbomb September 28, 2011
A description given to one who embarks, or plans to embark on a dangerous adventure. This adventure may mean losing their job, friends, or even their life.

Telling friends or family about it will usually elicit accusations of being crazy or suicidal. But they do it anyway, despite these pessimistic notions. After all, the reward is worth all the risk.
Did you hear about Sean? He says he's going to ride a motorcycle to the tip of South America!

Why the hell is he doing that? That guy is adventurcidal.
by Carbomb April 07, 2011
When you have so many followers on Twitter that you can exploit them with any tweet about your stock portfolio, creating artificial demand and causing prices to skyrocket, making you tons of money.
50 Cent's inside tweeting about H&H Import creating a jump from $0.10 to $0.39 per share:

"HNHI is the stock symbol for TVG there launching 15 different products. they are no joke get in now."
by Carbomb January 17, 2011

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