1. Similar to an orgasm, but it happens to your ear and happens when you're listening to music that should have its own holiday and maybe even a sex position.

2. That indescribable feeling that sends chills throughout your body when you come across a song that makes you want to make babies.
"Holy shit what happened Tom?"
"I just had an eargasm while listening to this song"
"Let me listen....AAHHH HOLY SHIT EARGAAAASM!!!!"
by DailyDose October 12, 2009
The sensation one gets when listening to a song of epic proportions
Person 1-"Dude I listened to Joe Bonamassa and got the biggest eargasm I ever had"

Person 2- "Thats cool bro I listened to Katy Perry and got one."

Person 1- "F**k you dude, I don't wanna be your friend anymore."
by thesXeman July 25, 2011
The uncontrollable pleasure that causes your body to convulse with amazing feelings of nirvana upon hearing a kicking song.
"Allen, I think I just had an eargasm." "You sure did Howard."
by Howard B. November 07, 2007
The sensation one gets when listening to great music that moves or inspires causing goose pimples or chill bumps to form on top of ones skin. Some eargasms are so powerful that they may cause goose pimples to form on the top of the scalp; can cause chills; cold sweats; and even make one cry.

"Drip drip drop there goes an 'eargasm'"... - From the song, "I Love The Way You Move" by Outkast
by PhattBoy May 27, 2006
The euphoric feeling that arrises when you clean your ear with a cotton swab or Q-tip.
Oh, I had an eargasm. I just used a Q-tip to purge my ear of wax.
by Zorak1991 December 17, 2008
A wonderfully pleasant reaction caused by a person's attraction to a song, artist, or album.
I got an eargasm from the song I listened to.
by The Future Mrs. Davey Havok December 04, 2008
The ecstatic sensation one experiences while cleaning one's ears deeply with a Q-tip.
A: "You really seem to enjoy cleaning your ears."

B: "Shhhh! I'm having an eargasm."
by Brian the Bostonian April 11, 2007

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