when utilizing cotton tipped swabs to cleanse your ear canal, such as with name brand Q-tips, an exhilirating sensation occurs in the process as when stroking with a firm grip.
i finally bought some wooden handled cotton swabs and i can get a real good eargasm after my shower.
by seajhay July 08, 2005
When The Music Is So Good, It Makes Your Ears Wanna Cum Because Of The Pleasure It Gave You.
Bob: This Song Goes Hard, Almost Gave Me An Eargasm.
Billy: Yeah, Yeah, I'm Feelin It.
by XxrorokittyxX June 24, 2010
The wonderfully squirrelly sensation experienced while having one's ears nibbled and sucked. The bit, either in conjunction with other stimulation or on its own, that just rolls one's eyes back and puts one over the top!
Ah, rainy-day romances! The DVD, the sweet-nothings, the red wine... The nibble of her ear and suckling of that lobe sent her into a frenzied eargasm.
by Gypsie Dogwood July 26, 2006
What you feel when you hear something that sounds really good to you. An Orgasm for the ears, mainly when listening to a good song.
When I heard the new single from my favorite band, it was like an instant eargasm.
by Mary E. Juana November 24, 2009
When a male or female listen to a song that is so GOOD they may experience an ear-gasm.
"Oh my god! the other day i was listening to 3OH!3's new song! it was a total ear-gasm!"
by x-barmyarmy-x February 20, 2009
1. Noun. The Euphoric sensation you get from hearing amazing music. Can also be used to describe the feeling you get from hearing a sexy/awesome voice.

2. Verb. To have an intense emotional reaction to a piece of music.
1. I got an eargasm from listening to Pyramid Song by Radiohead.
2. Did you get an eargasm when you listened to Cheveliers de Sangreal from The DaVinci Code soundtrack? Because I sure as hell did!
by jkfldjakdljal November 06, 2010
The great feeling that you experience when you scratch inside your ear with a q-tip or a car key.
Oh boy! I've got a lump of wax in my ear. EARGASM!!!
by Blorvis Paerntz October 27, 2009
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