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When one's excessive talking boils to the point of exhaustion for the recipient. For the person who receives this audible impaling, a meltdown incurs and hostile actions goes into affect.
"you've been Ear Fucking me for the past 3 hours, shut the fuck up before I knock you out"
by Krumbz March 02, 2008
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getting fucked through stretchers, gauges in your ear.
Anna got ear fucked by a penis, while she went on an inter provincial vacation. ear fucking includes a penis and a large hole in the earlobe of a man or woman.
by gaytubelover August 18, 2011
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Orgasmic feeling supposedly produced by a musician playing a zurna directly into someone else's ear. The zurna is a type of shrill keyless oboe played mostly in the Balkans in traditional folk music and many zurna players are deaf as a result of the instrument being played directly into their ears.
If you go to the (former Yugoslav republic of) Macedonia, you may see some earfucking going on in the villages where ensembles play traditional music.
by pentozali January 19, 2014
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