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Another way of saying goodbye
"I will see you guys tomorrow. Laterz!"
by Bill Gregory February 26, 2004
87 14
'Laters' or 'Laterz' was created during the 90's in London as a slang term used primarily to empathise the gravity of the situation. Similarly to OMG or WTF.

'Laterz that was the worst comeback ever'.

Person One: So I got a charizard card.
Person Two: Laterz...
by ThePeachyPanda September 01, 2012
31 7
A word used to emphasize ownage.
*Bob gets owned*
"haha, laterz Bob!"
by Ariana A September 25, 2005
20 57
sayin bye 2 ur m8s from round sout lundun
yo blud i hav got 2 gel l8az
by chatham boi April 03, 2004
11 61