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Another way of saying goodbye
"I will see you guys tomorrow. Laterz!"
by Bill Gregory February 26, 2004
'Laters' or 'Laterz' was created during the 90's in London as a slang term used primarily to empathise the gravity of the situation. Similarly to OMG or WTF.

'Laterz that was the worst comeback ever'.

Person One: So I got a charizard card.
Person Two: Laterz...
by ThePeachyPanda September 01, 2012
A word used to emphasize ownage.
*Bob gets owned*
"haha, laterz Bob!"
by Ariana A September 25, 2005
sayin bye 2 ur m8s from round sout lundun
yo blud i hav got 2 gel l8az
by chatham boi April 03, 2004