Acronym for Enrique Gang or Die. The Enrique gang is a group of hardened criminals lurking among the streets of the modern world. The gangs origins are unknown although it is rumored that many famous historical figures such as Plato, Charlemagne, Julius Caesar, all of the founding fathers, Robin Hood, Al Capone, Steve Jobs and most aliens have been found to be in the gang as well. There is no dress code for Enrique members which makes them even more dangerous also they are not responsible for any crimes except for being too amazing for the world to handle.
-Dude! Is that guy in EGOD?

-I don't know but don't look at him you will turn to stone!
by Wobley Johnson June 02, 2011
Top Definition
Pimp Player Extrordinaire.. He's got more fans than a chinese gift shop. Talk to him on the AOL/AIM SN: Snowy; If not get out of his nice life.
Yeah my name is eGod, I got 36 inches of pleasure it takes a yardstick to measure. I am the digital mail man, the US Prankbroadcaster... YUH Im the best.
by eGod April 27, 2003
Ego and God or the relation between us and our knowledge of God.
How can we know the whole without becoming it? EgoD.
by Andrea Jagher August 19, 2007
1. The electronic manifestation of a God.
2. The father of Space Jesus
3. A God by the name of E.
1. My shrine burned down, so I prayed to eGod last night.
2. Hey SJ, how's your eGod?
3. Oh almighty eGod, I pray to thee.
by omegabyte December 10, 2004
a measure of failure in life; a derragatory term used to compare to a lower level.
You life is terrible. You're as pathetic as eGod.
by Da MixA November 09, 2003
Your daily pranker cast founder. MasquitO. - EFNet #PrankCast
by themasK] February 22, 2003
fucker. Also not a real God.
That guy is such an eGod!
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
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