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Abbreviation for Society of Jesus, a religious order founded by Ignatius of Loyola. Members are called Jesuits.
Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, was a Jesuit scientist.
#jesuit #society of jesus #catholic #priest #brother #father
by ScottX November 27, 2006
Abbreviation for "Social Justice".
Person 1: I run an SJ blog, which makes me an SJA.
Person 2: SJA?
Person 1: Social Justice Activist.
Person 2: Social Justice Asshole, more like.
#social justice #activist #fairness #equality #justice
by idek man October 04, 2012
An SJ is the actually correct name for what is commonly referred to as a blowjob, or BJ. The SJ, or suckjob, describes what is actually happening. SJ is not to be confused with S.J., which stands for Society of Jesus. Though, to be fair, both do promote good in the world.
Damn dude, that girl Lizzy gives such a good SJ.
#blowjob #bj #sucking off #oral sex #suckjob
by Fiery Hoya Poop September 30, 2013
its a an abbreviation for "San Jose". it is usually used as gang names that are in the san jose area.
we bang "SJ Vietz" .. We bang "SJ Thugz"
by clyde February 25, 2004
A term used to talk shit about a guy that can easily lay your ass out. SJ's are typically roid raged douche bags that think they kick ass although after high school they'll be working as a janitor. Often heard making animalistic grunting noises.
Guy1: Shit! dude SJ heard us!
Guy2: Fuck now he's gonna whoop our asses
SJ: Huh! Why the fuck are you doing that shit?
#roid rage #jock #dumbass #queer #asshole
by Guy Buddy August 31, 2008
Verb. To watch hot asian boys, preferably korean, do their thing (singing, dancing, acting, strip teasing, etc etc)

*Note: This word originates from watching Super Junior's It's You Music video.
A girl: "Oh my god, I spent my time watching Big Bang's new music video instead of doing hw!"
Friend: "Stop SJ-ing!"
#hot #asian #boys #fangirls #korean
by Fangirl of hot asian boy bands November 03, 2009
Annoying brat at gametalk. never shuts up...
Nobody understands me...I only did it so i could be more of a brown noser to the mods and become one...I can't even sepll...there i go again...see..everyone thikns i'm teh suxxor!
by Blah May 18, 2004
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