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Side Note.
usually accompanied by a colon(:)
Today was a very boring day. SN: I just finished my homework and heading to the movies. WOO!
by d[man]phressh October 12, 2009
"screen name"

The alias used on screen, whether the screen is the silver screen or a pc screen.
Muarice Micklewhite goes by the screen name of Michael Caine.
by Gumba Gumba March 19, 2004
Say nothing
(A and B talking on text )A:" ill give you the £5 tomoz yeah" B: "iyt sn"
by blackmanpacefc@fifa13 December 06, 2015
An acronym (stands for) for screen name.
Shaniqua: Heyy, on AOL messenger can you tell me Sam's SN?

Connor: Sorry, I don't know his screen name.
by Noam Barnhard March 29, 2008
S.N. is the acronym for "side note". It's only purpose is to pretty much have two statuses in one
I had a great time at the football game! S.N. me and bobby got back together <3
by I see an apple tree August 28, 2010
An acronym for "say nothing". Typically used in text when someones pissed off and doesn't feel that the other person deserves to speak.
Twat -" I didn't mean to fuck your girlfriend"
You -"sn"
by joeboy44 June 21, 2016
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