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Noun: A person of either gender frequently who searches for sexual gratification and/or love via the Internet.

Adj: The act of being a overlly active sexually, Via the Internet.
girl 1: So, myspace tells me you gotta new boyfriend! Good for you. Is it that nice boy always eyeing you in chemistry? I hope so..

girl2: Nope. I just met him yesterday on this forum I've been talking on. I hope it's not rushing things, I meen, I just broke up with Shane from VF 3 days ago, and I still havn't gotten over Cory from Facebook 2 weeks ago... But lemme tell you... The Cybersex has NEVER been this good. I think he's the one... :]

girl1: ....................... You are so e-Loose.
by black-cherry-blossom May 28, 2008
A way of describing an internet whore. Short for Electroniacally loose.
Dude that chick is so e-loose, she'll cyber with anyone.
by QuickStop August 12, 2004
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