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An acronym for VEGAN FAG. Basically someone who frequents salad bars, tofu shops, art galleries, and is obsessed with saving the planet. Easy to find at outdoor music festivals, coffee houses, poetry readings, independent bookstores.
"yeah i asked her if she wanted to grab burgers, and she she was like- let's go to this organic sandwich cafe...i was like fuckin' VF"
by Slutfredson July 09, 2009
Quick name for the gothic industrial site Vampirefreaks.
Random boy:"Hey!Did you see xx-Cemetary-Drive-xx on vf?"
Random girl:"Yeah,her profile is sick. I love vf."
by LoriLOSER May 20, 2008
An Acronym for "Virgin Forever"
"I hope she is a VF"

"I know right! She is such an ass
Very Funny, like SF Chronicle newspaper columnist Herb Caen used to use VG as Very Good.
The pic is VF.
by uriel81 April 06, 2011
abreviation of VampireFreak. The gothic myspace.
Freak 1: Hey can u give my a ten in my vf?
Freak 2: No sorry, i have to cut my wrist first.
by pawla November 19, 2006

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