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The hottest guy alive. He is also super funny. He has had roles in Teen Wolf, The First Time, High Road, The Internship and will be in The Maze Runner. He is seriously so sexy it's not funny, his smile is amazing and when he laughs it's like a gift from heaven. He also has the cutest moles/freckles!
Did you see the internship
Yeah Dylan O'Brien is so hot
by Ilovedylanobrien December 03, 2013
(Noun) Spelled D-Y-L-A-N O-'-B-R-I-E-N. With an "E" no "A" an "E". It's not complicated at all. He's known for his role as Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf. Not Styles. Stiles. S-T-I-L-E-S
Person 1: I love Dylan Obrian as Styles
Person 2: I think you mean Dylan O'Brien as Stiles.
by LibraLife06 February 05, 2014

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