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Someone who is not happening in any way, shape or form; someone who totally blew it.
Dude, you know Rockwell right?
Yeah guy's a total dwid
by Lader April 09, 2007
Abbreviation for Deal With It Dog.
-My boyfriend broke up with me! :'(
-Okay then.
by dealinwithit July 07, 2011
widely used international slang term for a ginger tom cat.
The Dwid caught a mouse.
by Sir David Attenborough April 18, 2004
pimp up side down.
lizz lang.
you are a smutty lil dwid.! =]
by nikki mur September 23, 2006
the word "pimp" written upside-down and inverted. someone who lacks the qualities of being pimp.
dale has very bad luck with the women, he's surely a dwid.
by goner December 22, 2003