4 definitions by goner

referred to someone who had consumed a significantly large amount of alcoholic beverages causing them to be in the state of being extremely drunk.
that man was too toreback from that party to drive his mother home.
by goner December 22, 2003
To void feces from the bowels. to defecate.
that super burrito from la victoria's making me want to punch a grump.
by goner December 22, 2003
A small, often valuable piece of information.
Thanks for that technical tid bit, now i shoudl be able to make my linux box boot up!
by Goner September 22, 2004
the word "pimp" written upside-down and inverted. someone who lacks the qualities of being pimp.
dale has very bad luck with the women, he's surely a dwid.
by goner December 22, 2003

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