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Drink wank cry. A low point in a man's life where the only way he can deal with his emotional pain is by getting drunk and masturbating while crying.
Friend: Hey dude want to come out with us tonight?
You: Nah man, my girl just broke up with me, so it's DWC all night.
by baronrebok04 August 17, 2014
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dont worry child
Girl: Remember to tell me

Guy: Alright i wont, dwc
by cjnynjpolak December 16, 2013
Dirty Weed Cum; when a guy smokes so much weed his semen tastes like marijuana
"Ugh, Ray came in my mouth after smokin' all those blunts and it tasted like straight up DWC!!"
by champagnebubbles February 21, 2012
Driving While Chinese
I see the cops! Lets keep the cylinders oiled! We not want to get police rangry!
by adrian August 09, 2003
Devious Wrighters Crew
YO u See that D.W.C. hit up In Anahiem
by AXCES December 13, 2007

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