Getting laid while on the job, having sex with a resident or fellow RA from your staff while being on duty. A great way to spend your weekend when you're stuck babysitting drunks in the dorm.
Not being able to go out sucked, but that duty booty definitely made the night more fun.
by Dooty Booty Master September 18, 2010
Top Definition
1. Noun. A female enlisted member of the U.S. Military, particularly the branches with ships such as the Coast Guard and Navy, who is sexually promiscuous with the male crew members, most likely one who has had sexual affairs with numerous crew members.

2. Noun. A sexual act involving two enlisted parties of the U.S. Military occuring when both are on duty.
1. MK3 White is probably available for some duty booty if you need some; that girl gets around.

2. Hey man, working last night wasn't that bad; I got me some duty booty.
by USS Lady Red September 01, 2007
Obligatory sex with your spouse or partner, even if you aren't in the mood.
Wanna know the secret to a long, happy marriage? The words "yes, dear" and duty booty at least once a week.
by gooroogirl April 22, 2009
The gorgeous rear end of a male Citadel Cadet in the duty uniform.
Sir, nice duty booty, sir! ;D

Duty booty duty booty rockin' everywhere!
by Fuzzykins December 06, 2010
When a male cadet tries to hook up with a female cadet, his dick becomes grey with black stripes running down the side.
He was getting duty bootie when he hooked up with that chick from Charlie
by knobd December 17, 2004
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