any female who can roll a marijuana Dutch with amazing skill.
Look at that blunt! That girl is The Dutchess.
by melgfla May 21, 2008
Top Definition
a type of cigar similar to swisher sweets commonly used to roll marijuana with.
I split the dutchess and filled it with weed.
by Drew Dollars April 07, 2007
A heterosexual female that displays the aesthetic of a mockery of a duke, which is a heterosexual male version of a dyke.
P!nk is a dutchess. She is the HDIC aka the Head Dutchess In Charge.

See duke definition.
by boobs420 February 21, 2010
A female who gives the Dutch Oven to her boyfriend.
Rebecca made Chad almost suffocate to death when she dutch-ovened him in bed last night. She is quite the Dutchess.
by LeonardoJim October 23, 2007
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